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Simply the best place to buy locally produced, high quality meat at great prices on the internet. 


Lamb, Mutton and Hoggett from HandMadeMeat The site is a focal point for a range of producers all of whom share a common goal; to produce the very best quality meat using more traditional methods, replacing bulk foods with grass, industrial farming with better husbandry and growth hormones with time.


The lamb we offer is of a high quality from named and sometimes rare breeds.  Our producers are small farmers spread across the UK.  They're in touch with the land and their flocks and herds.  Which means you can be, too.


The price you pay includes delivery to your door.  Half a British Lamb from HandmadeMeat is only £65 delivered to your door!

Best British Lamb



What can you expect to find in your half lamb box?


The picture here is taken from an average half lamb in a box from HandMadeMeat .  As our lambs come from various producers at HandMadeMeat , not all boxes will be exactly the same, but this gives you an idea of how much meat will be in your box.


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